It is also great to use both at home and at the driving range with it’s portable design. Also this device provides instant feedback so that you really can make quick progression and move ahead with improving your scores. What he found was that his students struggled with keeping both balance and rhythm in tandem with each other when it came to their golf swings. Contact Us | A major problem with amateur golfers is the speed of their backswing. The Orange Whip Midsize from Just Say Golf comes at the lowest price, with free shipping. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here at our main aim is improve our readers golfing ability and we regularly partner with companies who share this vision. Our Orange Whip Review There's no question that the Orange Whip is one of the most popular and widely used training aids out there. The Orange Whip Wedge is just over a hundred dollars. The benefits of a solid warm up shouldn’t be understated and this time can help you to loosen up and find some rhythm in your swing before your round starts. This is heavier than the weight at the end of the SKLZ Gold Flex . We caught up with fellow South Carolinians from Orange Whip Trainer at the 2015. Buy the Orange Whip Midsize trainer, golf swing trainer from Just Say Golf. If you use this along with your other drills then you can be sure to improve your game and time your shots better. In this section we will look at some of the features and benefits of choosing this tool to help your game. LPGA tour & PGA professionals have widely used the Orange Whip trainer to help them with many sightings of this being the case and Orange Whip trainer having many testimonials themselves of these people using their tool. The 43" Orange Whip is perfect for women, seniors, teens. This means you have to swing smoothly and make sure the aid is on plane before beginning the downswing. It's also great for men who want to work on their iron swing. The first response I get when people walk by my bag is “Whats this orange thing?” I stop what I’m doing and happily explain to them that it’s the Orange Whip. Orange Whip Midsize - Slightly shorter and lighter unit that simulates a 5 Iron swing and also popular with Ladies and Seniors with a slower swing speed. Thankfully, there is a golf training aid available that can act as a great warm up tool to help you get significantly looser and a better feel before stepping out onto the course which will allow you to find a better tempo before you take your first swing and be fully ready! A lot of amateurs will bring the club back too quickly, immediately causing their swing to be out of time. Not only are reviews of the Orange Whip favorable but they also note how durable this product is. [2020]. Jim Hardy PGA Teacher It is perfectly designed to improve your swing rhythm, balance, and tempo. Before we get into the full details of the trainer we’re going to cover some of the backstory of why the Orange Whip Golf Swing Training Aid became so popular.Â. It stretches 47 inches and is just a couple of inches longer than a driver golf club. Not only are reviews of the Orange Whip favorable but they also note how durable this product is. When you factor in an almost instant improvement in your rhythm, timing, feel and co-ordination and the benefits that this can bring in terms of giving you a more athletic swing then it is easy to see why we would recommend this as one of the best training aids no matter your skill level! The below video shows the training aid in action: This remote device has an orange ball attached to the end of it oppose to a club head. With so many positive reviews from people who have started using this device too, it is a sure winner! Orange Whip Compact - Designed to have the same swing characteristics as the original but shorter at only 35.5” in length so ideal for indoor use and travel. lighter and only 38” in length. By golfing standards, that’s pretty affordable, especially if it helps shave strokes off your game. In addition to the trainer, you can get the Orange Peel Balance Trainer as a nice little optional upgrade to make it a bundle of training aids with both designed to help you in different ways. View our affiliate disclaimer here. Perhaps you’ve heard of the original Orange Whip Trainer ($109), a popular product designed to help you develop a rhythmic, well-balanced swing. The counter-weighting system and flexible shaft work together to promote the natural golf swing motion. The orange whip forces you to swing more rhythmically due to the counterbalanced grip and head. With this aid, if the swing is too flat, the club will push you forward and cause you to lose balance and in turn make it impossible to complete a proper, balanced downswing. © Copyright 2007-2018 Ltd. All rights reserved. The gold flex has helped me with tempo, keeping hands in correct position at top of … It is frequently advertised on TV and has received a lot of positive reviews online… so we thought we’d test it out for ourselves! You will notice that both these players have great rhythm, balance, tempo and timing, which has excelled them to the top of the game and now you can achieve all of these with the use of the Orange Whip. When you factor in the fact that it comes with a 2-year warranty you can be sure that you are making a solid investment towards your game. Overall by using this product, you will get a low impact workout that can aid your game. Our Partners | As a result, the Orange Whip has become a huge hit over the years, and a staple of mine and probably thousands of other golfers training. It is always a good barometer of if something is worthwhile using if the very best in the world are incorporating it into their routines and like the product too. The Orange Whip trainer weighs 1.75 pounds and stretches 47 inches in length. When you watch the pros from the PGA Tour or LPGA Tour hit their shots on TV, you will notice that they all somehow manage to maintain a highly impressive feel and tempo when swinging the golf club. The Orange Whip Trainer is such a distinctive training aid that makes it probably one of the most well-recognized training aids around. It is a common item found in golf bags all over the world. The Orange Whip also allows you to find the perfect plane on your backswing without the use of cameras with lines all over the screen that can be a struggle to make sense of. The Orange Whip trainer allows you to strike the right rhythm and balance between balance and tempo in your golf swing through their trainer. Here is my review of the Orange Whip Compressor from Henretta Engineering. However amateur players in comparison often struggle to maintain a steady tempo and can often struggle with their balance of weight transfer during their swing. Retail Price $109. FREE SHIPPING. April 5, 2013 April 5, 2013 by BP Staff. Site Map | This training aid was founded by Jim Hackenberg who was a professional golfer who eventually switched to become a PGA teaching professional and noticed a common trend with his students. Alternatively, it can be a helpful aid for those who believe they already posses a well timed swing as, if you hit a bad patch in your season, you can always fall back on this aid to get you back on track. Golfing is not an easy game, but you can enjoy your time on the course and lower your score with the help of the Orange Whip. The Orange Peel can help dramatically with the second problem, which is keeping your balance. This trainer will allow you to increase your swing consistency, improve your swing balance and help you to add more power to your shots. Golf Driver Basics How To Drive Straight Swing Speed Guide Driver Distance Guide Driver Loft Guide + More, Golf Ball Compression Guide Golf Ball Speed Guide, Best Beginner Drivers Best Mid Handicapper Drivers Best Senior Drivers Best Distance Drivers Most Forgiving Drivers + More, Best Value Clubs Best Beginner Clubs Best Women’s Clubs Best Senior Clubs Best Intermediate Clubs + More, Best Beginner Golf Balls Best Distance Golf Balls Best Cheap Golf Balls Best Senior Golf Balls, Golf Handicap Calculator Golf Handicap Explained Golf Scorecard Explained. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty and reviews have notated that it’s extremely durable. Orange Whip Swing Trainer Review: Feel the Rhythm Golf instructors have a very difficult job. Now, I purposely didn’t get through the ball properly and I can confirm that you do not want to repetitively hit yourself with the end of this club. The Orange Whip forces you to bring the club smoothly because if it isn’t, the club will bend and it will be almost impossible to continue the swing. Below we cover some of the most common questions that people have about the Orange Whip Trainer in 2020. For most amateurs it can often be lucky if they get 15 minutes, let alone 90! "The Orange Whip is the best device I have ever seen to develop a correct feel for sequencing the hips and core to whip the arms and club properly." Summary of the Orange Whip Training Aid. Orange Whip The Orange Whip is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today s golfer and athlete. It comes with a counterweight system which has the aim of increasing both flexibility and muscles which can see benefits such as enhanced distance and feel with the driver and all the way across your average distances with the golf clubs in your bag. The Orange Whip is a popular training aid designed to improve your balance, clubhead speed, and rhythm. Not only do they have to properly diagnose what is wrong with a swing, but they also have to communicate the solution in a way that the student can understand. In terms of differences, the only real difference between the junior and senior Orange Whip Golf Swing trainer model is that it is smaller and cheaper. All orders over $70 ship free! There is both a standard model and a junior model of the Orange Whip. Every time I watch recreational golfers on the range or on the course I see all kinds of bizarre movements. Not only is it great for working on your swing in the off-season, it is a great tool to help you warm up before a round. In terms of differences, the only real difference between the junior and senior Orange Whip Golf Swing trainer model is that it is smaller and cheaper. The full-size Orange Whip has a ball that weighs about 0.67 pounds. If you are too steep at the top of swing, when you complete your downswing the orange whip will bounce off the ground. The below video shows the device in action and some of the ways that it can help and benefit you from incorporating it into your game. Overall, the Orange Whip Compact really is a flexible option. There are so many training aids on the golfing market these days that it is often hard to distinguish between a good and a bad one, and which aids will genuinely improve your game. Feedback | Summary: This device can help you to improve your golf in a range of settings thanks to it’s great design and comprehensive features. The Orange Whip is … Terms of Use, Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy, By: Golfshake Editor | Wed 27 Jul 2016 It’s not the difference in weights that makes it necessary for the Gold Flex to have a more rigid shaft than the Orange Whip – it’s the fact that the balance point of the Gold Flex is closer to the weight. It’s a fairly low risk purchase. Durability. The next portion of our Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer review focuses on the different Orange Whip drills that you can do with this training aid. On the follow through, if you do not fully rotate and get through the ball, you will hit yourself with the aid as it will bend in the wrong place. Orange Whip Swing Trainer Review: Feel the Rhythm Practical Golf Aug 1 2015. Work With Us | Essentially what this does it it ensures that you can adjust your swing speed tempo to allow your entire body to stay connected. As of yet, there is no official women’s model. Coming with a weighted ball it provides a workout which focuses on all of the core muscles to allow your golf swing to really flourish. Buying a training aid is not like investing in a driver or a new set of irons. |,, Orange Whip Trainer - This is the original unit built to simulate a Drive Swing. Orange Whip Junior - Designed specifically for Junior Golfers i.e. If you’re looking to improve your swing, rhythm and balance then this is the aid for you. The major benefit of adding this device along with the core Orange Whip product is that it can prevent you from swaying on top of the other core features of the main device. If you have struggled with the speed of your golf swing historically then this could be the device you are looking for to improve your performance, time your shots better and give you a better feel with your game.Â. Regardless of what shot they are taking or which golf club they are using; they always manage to make it look incredibly easy for us watching at home as they manage to swing in rhythm and balance every single time. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Orange Whip Lightspeed Golf Swing Trainer Aid - Speed Stick Improves Speed, Distance and Accuracy (43") at Honeyfeet – Orange Whip. I first came across the Orange Whip Trainer while reading through message boards on, I was looking for a training aid that would add some lag to my downswing and also increase distance off of the tee. The Orange Whip might just be one of the most iconic golf training aids. Our Services | Coming with a weighted ball it provides a workout which focuses on all of the core muscles to allow your golf swing to really flourish. I purchased the SKLZ Gold Flex. Change Privacy Settings It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. The Orange Whip is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today’s golfer and athlete. 1 - 5 Scale Review 3.5g purchase Appearance: 5 of 5 - Very well trimmed, nicely sized nuggs to make up this 1/8 didn't feel cheated by amount per cost. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The way to perfect your swing is to master coordination, balance, timing, flexibility, and rhythm/tempo. The Orange Whip is a training aid that will genuinely improve your game if used correctly. The Orange Whip is used by over 300 tour pros and has been voted the #1 teaching and training aid by PGA and LPGA Professionals. The Orange Whip is available in the UK RRP £84.95 via PerfectMyGolf in various sizing options: Orange Whip Trainer - This is the original unit built to simulate a Drive Swing; Orange Whip Midsize - Slightly shorter and lighter unit that simulates a 5 Iron swing and also popular with Ladies and Seniors with a slower swing speed. You Gotta Feel It! Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid - for Improved Rhythm, Flexibility, Balance, Tempo, and Strength - 47” at Erika Larkin, PGA Teaching Professional discusses the Orange Whip training aid, why she likes it and how she uses it with This aid allows every golfer to find their best golf swing possible. The Orange Whip Midsize provides and excellent sense of feel for tempo, swing plane, and balance. Other than that, users of both versions can expect the same improvement in flexibility and balance for their game. Consistent use of this versatile, dynamic swing aid will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout. With a hollow center that allows users to stand in the center and adjust their course it helps to replicate the slope conditions that can be found out on a course.Â. Want to get better at golf? As such this post may contain affiliate links where we make a commission on qualifying purchases with companies such as Amazon. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.       We provide an Orange Whip review after testing it with our team and students. I feel the Orange Whip Trainer is one of the best training aids you can ad to your golf bag. Gold Flex was $70 vs $110 for Orange whip both are the same but the SKLZ is half the price. Terms | Compared to the squashing action of its peers, this one falls somewhere in the middle: it has some dip-and-swell, but not an exaggerated bouncy effect, more of a smooth sustaining swell. Check Out the Bags. Sign up for access to exclusive tips now, Orange Whip Golf Trainer: 2020 Quick View, enhanced distance and feel with the driver, average distances with the golf clubs in your bag, Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Golfers [Top 5 For 2021], Callaway Edge Golf Clubs Set Review [2021 Pros & Cons], Flightscope Mevo Review [2020 Launch Monitor Pros & Cons], Flighscope Mevo Plus Review: Should You Choose This Launch Monitor? Paired with the Orange Whip, this will improve balance, strengthen your legs, prevent you from swaying. The Orange Whip helps with the first challenge, which is smoothing out the tempo and timing of your swing. With there being a gap between his experience and expertise and translating this knowledge onto his students he decided to create a training aid that could do this for him and improve the tempo of his students. The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer is a golf swing trainer that is approved by the PGA itself. This training aid is used by the likes of Open Champion Henrik Stenson, former US Open Champion Graeme McDowell and many more. The original Orange Whip Trainer was designed to synchronize your golf swing and the NEW Orange Whip LightSpeed was designed specifically to increase your clubhead speed while maintaining control. The Orange Whip is a trainer that is sure give you the benefits you are looking for. If you’re one of those golfers who likes to replace their golf club with a training aid when you’re at the driving range then this is surely a contender. Manchester, you will know, doesn’t officially have a Queen but the recent home launch gig for Honeyfeet’s new album Orange Whip felt like a coronation for the band’s irrepressible, inimitable front-woman: flute player and singer extraordinaire Ríoghnach Connolly (Afro Celt Sound System, The Breath, Band of Burns). It is so distinctive not only because of it’s glowing orange ball that can be found at the very end and being difficult to miss but also because of it’s great functionality! In this Orange Whip golf review we’re going to highlight to you just how this product can help to remove any feelings of stiffness that you may have and get you up and running on the course better than ever. As you know, golf is … Today we’re bringing you the Orange Whip which is a simple, yet effective golf training aid. Golf Review: Orange Whip Trainer Review. The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is an ideal training aid for swing plane, short game, and approach. Golfers Falling All Over the Place. At the top of the swing, you cannot rush the beginning of your downswing as the aid will bend too much and the uneven weight distribution will make it near on impossible to finish the swing. In conclusion, there are numerous benefits to be had from using one of the best training aids on the market, the Orange Whip trainer by Jim Hackenberg is a training tool that is designed to improve your game. Orange Whip Trainer. Orange Whip by Bedford Grow. Wah Wah 45s – 30 March 2018. Once onto my clubs, my swing feels more fluid, my tempo is smoother and my grip is even lighter. This fantastic tool that we’re going to cover in full detail is known as the Orange Whip Golf Trainer. In this complete product review we will cover all of the features, benefits and pros and cons of the Orange Whip trainer so that you can decide if this implementing this training aid is right for you to improve. Other than that, users of both versions can expect the same improvement in flexibility and balance for their game.Â. In addition, the Orange Whip helps keep your swing on plane while simultaneously enhancing your core fitness and flexibility. This is my first product review on Drives and Drams that does not involve scotch or a specific golf course. The Orange Whip golf swing trainer is one of the most popular golf trainers. The Orange Whip is available in the UK RRP £84.95 via PerfectMyGolf in various sizing options: For more information and to buy online visit Perfectmygolf -, Help | Henretta Engineering Orange Whip: This is a clone of the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer, and the main selling point compared to other OS clones is its very small size, about 2" (50 mm) square. Overall, the Orange Whip Compact really is a flexible option. The design itself is only slightly longer than the average club, which makes it practical to take around with you and can be used at the range or at home. I take it to the range and swing it a good few times before picking up a club. That's where the Orange Whip Trainer comes in. By incorporating the Orange Whip trainer as a warm up tool into your routine you will find that it allows you to not only strengthen your balance and maintain impressive swing power and tempo but also have fun in the process. Additional benefits that you’ll find are improved synchrony between your upper and lower body and increasing your muscle memory for an improved and more consistent full swing and range of motion for your shots. It's the perfect combination of power and accuracy. Most types of training aids that you will come across on the market are very effective but are simply way too big for you to take with you to the course and driving range. With a flexible shaft topped with a weighted orange ball, the Orange Whip is … Register Your Product Here. This is done in just a few simple steps. The popular Orange Whip already has a big following with people looking to perfect their swing, now its got a younger sibling, the Orange Whip Lightspeed, with 0.50lb knocked of the weight of the original, this club weighs just 1.25lbs and measures up at 43inches in length, that’s 5inches shorter than the original. Orange Whip Trainer Review Conclusion. 4 people found this helpful. Golfshake Apps | Something that is completely different for most golfers on the PGA Tour vs an everyday golfer is that they get the luxury of a 90 minute warm up before they step up onto the course. This extra length of the Orange Whip Trainer is designed to help exaggerate the motions that are made when you swing your driver. Orange Whip/Orange Peel Review Posted by Jason Kunze June 21, 2012 37 Comments There are so many devices out there that promise golfers perfect alignment, improved swings and fixed slices, it can get downright mind-boggling trying to keep up with all of them. Does your game need help? At … It helps to be strong, but strength means little if your swing lacks rhythm and flexibility. What makes this device a great addition if that it is so flexible. Combo plate: Two Orange devices for tempo, balance. Has anybody used either of these training aides. Join the orange grove.