Hemp foundation is the largest exporter of Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil, Hemp Cloths and Hemp Fabrics. Consider the advantages: Strong Clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton. No one wants unwelcome sunburns, even if they lead to a nice looking tan later on. As a matter of fact, the hemp seed has a lot of antioxidant properties! Hemp Fabric Qualities In addition, hemp is a lightweight fabric, which means that it is highly breathable, and it also effectively facilitates the passage of moisture from the skin to the atmosphere, so it is ideal for hot climates. This prevents hemp garments from stretching out or becoming distorted with use. And with hemp being a highly renewable resource, this bodes well for planet earth. Hemp can be used to make shirts, hats, bags, ropes, dresses, and much more. Upholstery – Canvas – Knits – Stretch Knits – Silk – Apparel/Quilting – Linen – Muslin – Specialty – Stretch Woven Durability aside, hemp fabric is also much healthier in two very significant ways that may surprise you. As a fabric, hemp provides all the warmth and softness of a natural textile but with a superior durability seldom found in other materials. Hemp is also naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light. Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag from hemp. Similar to bamboo, hemp clothing does just that. Eco-consumers have taken a real liking to the material, and it’s now in high demand all across the world. While this method to remove lignin worked well with cotton or flax, it weakened the fibers of hemp and left them too unstable for use. Hemp has a naturally high UPF (ultraviolet protection factor): Based on SGS testing by WAMA Underwear, it was found that hemp fabric was 99.9% effective in blocking UV-A and UV-B rays, meaning it qualifies as a top tier UPF 50+ fabric. There are three different species of plants that come from the Cannabis genus (in the Cannabaceae family); these include Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. I’ll be honest, I was a bit timid on the idea of using hemp clothing because of the stigma around hemp and its less likable family friend.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'householdwonders_com-box-2','ezslot_6',102,'0','0'])); However, I learned that they’re completely different versions of the cannabis sativa plant, with the main difference being that hemp plants do not produce the psychoactive chemical THC that marijuana does. Hemp is an antibacterial plant by nature! Sailors relied upon hemp cordage for strength to hold their ships and sails, and the coarseness of the fiber made hemp useful for canvas, sailcloth, sacks, rope, and paper.While hemp fiber was the first choice for industry, the coarseness of the fiber restricted hemp from apparel and most home uses. Some are even misleading. Hemp is extremely versatile and can be used for countless products such as apparel, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishings. Because of its flexible and versatile nature, hemp can be blended with other kinds of fiber such as silk and cotton. ), Why You Should Own a Hemp Baby Blanket (8 Big Reasons), The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Fabrics. Eco-friendly Fabric. Hemp is an antibacterial plant by nature! Moreover, hemp does not exhaust the soil. Hemp has been a part of history for as long as cotton has. Copyright © 2020 Household Wonders LLC. This is not only useful for hemp clothing, but also hemp bed sheets, blankets, and pillows. The reasons for wearing hemp clothing are clear. The health benefits of hemp… Hemp clothes do not contain THC, which is the psychoactive drug found in marijuana. Why? Hemp is a type of “bast fibre” which means it’s one of a number of natural fibres derived from the stems of plants such as flax, jute and stinging nettle. The comfort level you experience with hemp clothing in terms of softness is excellent. One big benefit of Hemp is that pesticides generally don’t have to be used, or they aren’t used in big quantities if they are. Hemp fabric can have some disadvantages, including a more limited color palette than synthetics, but we feel the benefits more than make up for this. Hemp clothing isn’t the only way you can enjoy the benefits of the plant. Hemp can be used to make shirts, hats, bags, ropes, dresses, and much more. Let’s take a look at the benefits now – 1. There are, however, several other effects other than being able to keep us fresh and dry. But, Hemp is generally better at removing carbon from the atmosphere at the growing stage – this is one of it’s big benefits. Hemp is four times as durable and has a tensile strength that’s eight times higher than other natural fibres. You might be surprised that it can even take out nuclear toxins from the soil. Hemp Is A Carbon Warrior Uses Less Water Without Polluting the Water The Soil Loves Hemp! Hemp Is A Carbon Who wouldn’t want this?eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'householdwonders_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',104,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'householdwonders_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',104,'0','1'])); Did you know that there are some fabrics out there that get softer with time? Benefits from Hemp Fabric Clothing . So I decided to break down the misunderstandings around hemp by letting you know all about the benefits of wearing hemp clothing.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'householdwonders_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',103,'0','0'])); OK maybe it’s not as strong as nails, but it sure is one of the strongest materials and the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet.