The visibility in the winter also helps with navigation on the trail. HOWEVER, south of the side trail to the falls the trail becomes impassible in places and requires a huge amount of care and patience. We didn’t have a problem finding water. Two of our guys were first time hikers and they handled it well. Trail Rankings #1 in Sipsey Wilderness Area #2 in Alabama #610 Overall. Using GIS products for other for which 'hey were or was on 01 In the future I would hike directly to 204a and back out. Along the Randolf Trail, a sign points to an old cemetary, worth checking out. Once you move away from Sipsey the hike gets pretty boring. There were people at the campsite when we got there and the trail appears to veer to the left... it does NOT! There is a small team of trail volunteers that had to go through forestry training in order to provide maintenance to the trails. SIPSEY WILDERNESS WILLIAM B. BANKHEAD NATIONAL FOREST Scale Feet GUM FONb1H BORDEN TH SIPSEY RIVER National Forest Land Private Land Sipsey Wilderness Campground Recreation Sites Trailhead Camp MCDOUGLE Legend — — County Boundœies Trails - hike, Trails - Hike only Highway County Roads Forest Service Roads Rivers 'Creeks Contour Lines . Dogs are also able to … It fords Borden Creek. The Sipsey River Trail is a little over 5 miles through the Sipsey Wilderness Area. This was a great hike. Phil Campbell, AL Sipsey Wild Hiking Trail #209 7.5 mi 12.0 km. We were glad we spent the money on the premium Alltrails subscription. Marcus Woolf I would not recommend 208 and 224 - nothing to see. If you like some challenge and a trail that is not highly trafficked, this is a great trail. As is the case with many Wilderness areas, the trails in the Sipsey have minimal signs and markers, putting a premium on being able to recognize landmarks. irø:omplete while created cr revised. Due to the drought, Sipsey River is barely flowing and creeks are dry. I backpacked in early on a saturday morning at around 6 and had easy going, some parts where hard to find. 90% of trail was great. We wouldn’t have even known had a leader not woken up and seen/heard them. This trip combines Randolph Wild Hiking Trail #202, Sipsey Wild Hiking Trail #209, and Rippey Wild Hiking Trail #201 to make a remote, wild loop through Sipsey Wilderness. It is possible without a pack but really hard. Several pretty waterfalls along the way. River Bankhead Ranger Station 29 This pee-duct is reproduced from geosÇH3tiaI information pregn3red by the U.S. Degu3rtrnent of Agriculture. Trail 208 is an old road traversing the Sipsey Wilderness and is one of the few trails in the Sipsey Wilderness that horses can be ridden. Seeing that tree and the waterfall together was amazing. The other 10% was not due to no signage at critical points on trail causing you to search back and forth trying to find trail, especially when trail crosses water. I headed down trail 208 and 0.4 miles later came to the turn-off on my left to trail 207. Great day and awesome hike!! We had to crawl over only a few blowdowns. (We went to the left after you walk across the bridge at the beginning.... this is the opposite way most people go- if you go the opposite way we did, please consider this when you get to the campsite u-turn) Other than this spot, the trail is very easy to follow and the blowdown is very minimal considering. About the loop Sipsey Wilderness is a 25,000-acre section of Bankhead National Forest in northwest Alabama. We didn’t see any snakes but ran into a ton of spiders. Photo by Marcus Woolf. Dogs are also able to … Haleyville, AL. We are planning to return again soon, to hike farther and find more cool things. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 Miles I did a variation of this ....exact same loop except add the big tree. Thursday – October 20th We starting off at the Sipsey River trail head. We took a wrong turn at one point and didn’t realize it until we were about 1.5 miles down. The trail that cuts across is difficult, but more scenic. Blowdowns are present but somewhat easily overcome. You can’t find trail to water or where trail continues. This trail offers several waterfalls in a relatively short distance. All in all, great hike! Sipsey Loop Trail is a 13.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Mount Hope, Alabama that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Hiking it all in one day would certainly be a feat, but it can be easily completed with a one night stay just after crossing the creek. Logistically, This Trip Is Pretty Easy. My dog loved this trail too. Another half mile down Trail 209, a campsite with space for two or three tents sits in a shady stand of hemlocks.